February 25, 2014

This time last year

This time last year...
We were unpacking boxes in our new rental house.

This time last year...
I was reconnecting with family after having not seen them for over six months.

This time last year...
David was skiing without me.

This time last year...
I was 30 weeks pregnant. I posted on Facebook,

"In a moment of clarity, it just hit me: I only have 10 (-ish) more weeks before we get to meet Baby! Where has the time gone?!" 

This time last year...
I was nesting like crazy.

This time last year...
My sister-in-law was recovering from surgery and radiation treatment. So was my grandma.

This time last year...
David was assembling our Bob stroller that had just come in the mail.

This time last year...
I imagined a year from then that I would be baby-proofing my house, trying to keep up with a 10 month old.

Even now, after all that I've been through, I'm still surprised--amazed--at how life never seems to go as I expect it will. I could have never imagined that my growing bump would in fact become a major bump in the road.

Looking back now I realize how different a person I am than the person I had expected to be. Not any better or worse, just different. Okay, some days are a bit worse...but that's just the grief talking. :)

Today, I am skiing alongside my hubby, tearin' up those slopes as if I had not in fact delivered a child less than a year ago.

Today, all our boxes but one are unpacked in our very own house.

Today, I have the freedom of time to help those who need it.

Today, I thank God from the bottom. of. my heart. for the doctors who caught and conquered the cancers in both my sister-in-law and my grandma. They are both stronger than ever a year later.

And today...I have a saint praying for me.

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  1. Love you, Beth! This made me also look back at the photos of the baby shower we had for you here last spring. It was such a joyful time, and I'm sure you are just as grateful for the good memories of being pregnant as you are to have your wonderful saint praying for you.

    On a selfish note: I wish you lived just a little closer! I would totally benefit from your help :) but I know you are always just a phone call away. Xo