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Hi there! I'm Elizabeth. Or Beth. Depends on who you ask.

Welcome to Blue Jeans and Fancy Things! My little corner of the big, wide world of more-than-enough-information. It is here that I attempt to understand (and articulate) my humanity and all that God has in store for me. In my experience faith in God, relationships with others, and intentional living are the keys to finding peace amid the storm. I am constantly growing in all of those things.  It is here that I share my growing pains and ah-ha moments openly, vulnerably, hoping to give people who read my blog a chance to relate or at the very least come to know another person's experience.

I was inspired to create Blue Jeans and Fancy Things (BJFT) in October of 2012 when my husband and I took a huge leap of faith, making a temporary move to the east coast. I knew I had wanted to start writing so I could stay connected to my community back on the west coast. But where to start?

Blue Jeans and Fancy Things came to me after I met this woman at a friend's birthday party. She asked why wouldn’t I just start writing? I have so much to share about my unique experience in this world. After all, not many people give up their whole lives to move across the country and live in a 350 square foot hotel room with their spouse. It wasn’t until she told me—this was actually a beautiful reminder—that I have a sincerity about me, an openness that could bring people together. What an ah-ha! It was as if God was reminding me of this gift, this ability to connect with people through my openness to love, even if it is that distant "I-just-met-you" kind of love. It is a kindness, a gentleness that I often pray for. Whenever I can manage to remember this quality about myself I regain my confidence. I go back to believing in myself. (Perhaps I should remind myself more often?)  I think we all have at least one personality trait, one God-given gift or quality that helps us remember why we are amazing, why we are special. Sometimes we get lost in the disappointments or suffering that life presents. We all have our crosses to bear and learn how to carry. But when we are reminded of our special qualities—shall I dare say, our Fancy Things—we can shine again with confidence. So THANK YOU to the stranger who unknowingly reminded me of my fancy things years ago. Connecting with new people can truly surprise me sometimes.

But life isn't all about the Fancy Things. Most of the time we're just trying to figure out howto  live a practical, purpose-driven life. Most of the time, each day is not much different than the rest. Most days, we don't put on fancy clothes, eat fancy food, meet new people, try a new recipe, or take huge risks and make spectacular changes in the world. Most days, we simply go about our lives wearing Blue Jeans. My blue jeans are my every day, my daily routine. I wear them as a devoted Catholic and the wife to my best friend, David. I wear them as a homemaker, a lover of cooking and eating good food. As a reader, a teacher, a friend, a story-teller, a financial planner, a counselor, an events coordinator, a volunteer, a problem solver, a musician, and I wear them as a mom. Spring of 2013 I gave birth to a precious baby boy, Samuel (his story here). After 12 incredible, blessing-filled days he was welcomed into Heaven having died from a very rare chromosomal mutation: Trisomy 13. Since then I've been learning how to embrace this new normal. How to accept God's plan, which is not always crystal clear. Thankfully, I still have a few fancy things tucked away in the closet. A few graces that help me along when I remember to use them. I will especially need those graces again as I am now a mom of TWO. Samuel now has a little sister (though she will always be older ;), Kristin. She has taken my world by storm, showing me where I can improve my human weaknesses and strive to be more like Christ for her.  

So as I go about my day, may you go about yours always blessed with God's grace to carry you through. May you always have a good book or a pair of fancy earrings on your nightstand. May you never grow bored of your every day jeans and stoneware. May you always see God in the little things, and appreciate His greatest gifts right in front of you. Thank you for joining me in my every day!  


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