February 8, 2014

Harbor Freeze

No snow in our sweet little neck of the woods (yet?), but we certainly are witnessing a cool little outcome of the cold! The harbor--salt water--has frozen over! Okay, not completely (unlike in 1950, when the whole harbor froze over enough for ice skaters to have a bit of fun). But still, a very beautiful spectacle for us. 

"Umm...can I get a little help here? Not able to get to my fish!"

Gorgeous, yeah? Sure, it's still gray but I love the mountain  peaking through the clouds.

Playing with composition...I can't decide which frame I like better :) 

I was taking all these pictures on my daily walk around the harbor. I had yet to stop and document the beautiful scenes just down the hill from our house. For whatever reason I decided this frigid day was a good day to pause.

My fingers definitely paid the price of reduced heart rates from those little pauses.

I heard this weird cracking and squeaking as I stopped at this pier. Took me a bit, but I the incoming tide was causing the ice to move! (duh)

Old fishing house.

Gorgeous, icy day. I felt so honored to have the opportunity to witness the harbor freeze over. Now if only we could get a bit of snow? 

Stay warm! 

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