Makes you go Hmmm?

Hey, folks!  Welcome to BJFT.  So glad you took a bit of time to stop by my corner of the web.  Feel free to pull up a seat and have a read.  Have I said anything that makes you go hmm?  If so, please share!  I love, love, love getting comments.  To me one of the greatest things about the web is that we can all share ideas, our differences and our passions.

Can I just ask one thing, though?  If you do choose to comment on any of my posts I just ask that you are courteous and respectful.  Please refrain from personal attacks or insults.  I reserve the right to remove any comment I feel is offensive toward myself or toward others.

As you've probably gathered I'm a pretty opinionated person.  I'm passionate.  But more than that, I sincerely value good, honest, respectful discussions!    

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