October 31, 2012

Halloween: A day of entertainment, family fun and memories

(sorry no pictures today! will post some soon)

It would make sense if today I wrote a bit about Halloween at my house.  Well, I can say that Halloween has never been a holiday of preference for me.  I don’t care to dress up, and I especially don’t care for all the hoopla that seems to go along with the holiday.  I quit trick-or-treating when I was 12 or 13—I think I was an evil queen or something that year.  I didn’t understand the point of going house to house begging for candy while dressed in costume.  It was just something you did.  I guess I felt it was another way to make sure I could relate to my friends. 

The allure to dressing up and begging for candy seemed to dissipate as I got older, so the pressure wore off.  But when I got to college it all started up again.  Now, instead of dressing up for candy, the majority of my age group dressed up to get drunk.  One more reason for me not to care for the holiday. 

I recently learned my mom wanted to avoid all the Halloween stuff from the get-go.  She, too, didn’t see the point in dressing up and begging for candy, especially from strangers.  But somehow the pressure got to her (I’m sure she’d have a better explanation as to why she decided to involve us girls in the dress-up game) and we started the tradition of donning costumes once a year.  I must say, those pictures are darn cute!  One year my middle sister and I were dressed as two little apples.  Another, she and I dressed as a bunny and kitty-cat, and my youngest sister had the cutest dinosaur costume EVER!   So why am I so anti-Halloween?  After all, the kids dressing up is adorable. 

Next fall there will be pressure to dress our new little munchkin as something.  Will we cave?  Oh, I’m sure we will.  It will be so cute!!  But that feels like such a shallow reason to participate. 

There is one thing I do like about Halloween: carving pumpkins.  I have such fond memories of my dad cutting the tops off our pumpkins and helping us scoop out the pumpkin slime.  After drawing a funny, scary or cute face on the pumpkins, mom and dad would help us carve them out (we used real knives, not those kid-friendly carving kits).  The absolute best part was when we were all finished.  Mom would position the candles inside our pumpkins, and we’d turn out the lights.  Oh, I just loved how cool it was to see the glowing, toothy smiles!

So, I guess Halloween might not be the stupidest (a.k.a. pointless) holiday out there.  It is another day for family to spend quality time together, making memories through timeless tradition.  We might not have the ability to spend quality time with friends and family this year, but next fall we will have our family of carved pumpkins lit up on the front porch.  Our little one dressed as some adorable animal, vegetable or mineral. J  We might have a few people over to enjoy some hot soup and apple cider while we play board games.  Halloween could be a wonderful day to come together with those we love—it’s as simple as that I suppose. 


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