October 4, 2012

Blue Jeans and Fancy Things

Finally!  I’m jumping in and starting the blog I’ve promised myself to create for months now.  The biggest hold up was figuring out what the heck I wanted to name it.  What short phrase could possibly sum up all the bits and pieces of my life?  What would actually evoke curiosity in people, enticing them to want read about yet another person, yet another blogger inundating the blogosphere with tidbits and insights about her life?

Well, after much fretting and procrastinating and still more fretting, I realized the title of the blog has been in the back of my mind all along.  It wasn’t the title holding me back from starting to share my experiences.  It was my fear of not knowing specifically what to write.  Oh, fear—how you seem to blockade me from dreams sometimes!

Blue Jeans and Fancy Things came to me last week after I met this woman at a birthday party.  She asked why wouldn’t I just start writing?  I have so much to share about my unique experience in this world.  It wasn’t until she told me—this was actually a beautiful reminder—that I have a sincerity about me, an openness that could bring people together.  What an ah-ha!  Whenever I can manage to remember this quality about myself I regain my confidence. I go back to believing in myself.  Perhaps I should remind myself more often?  I think we all have at least one personality trait, or quality that helps us remember why we are amazing, why we are special.  Sometimes we get lost in the disappointments or suffering that life can, excuse me, will present.  But when we are reminded of our special qualities—shall I dare say, our Fancy Things—we can shine again with confidence.  So THANK YOU to the woman who unknowingly reminded me of my fancy things.  Connecting with new people can truly surprise me sometimes.     

So, here I am striving to live a practical and authentic (ß I know, overused term, but it works for me!) life.  Metaphorically, if I may, I’m striving to live my life in blue jeans.  It’s not just blue jeans day in and day out, though.  We all have our LBD’s, snazzy pumps and fine dishware.  If blue jeans are my practical, every-day lifestyle, then those fancy things are much like the shining moments—meeting new people, trying a new recipe, laughing with dear friends.  I am looking forward to sharing my blue jeans and fancy things with you.  Realistically that’s just the ins and outs of my love for food, relationships, homemaking, giving back to the community, and even life’s disappointments.  It’s my human experience! 

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  1. Welcome welcome to the blogging world! I enjoyed reading your first 4 posts. I like your writing style and your thoughts. I have enjoyed blogging since I became a mother because it really helps sometimes to get your thoughts down. It's also great for keeping up memories. After 4.5 years I am hoping to get my blog printed too! Enough about me. Welcome again. It's going to be a blast! :)