March 1, 2014

Day 6 of 7

My husband just reminded me...don't you have a post to write?

Oh yeah. That! I really have never cared to write on weekends. We are usually so busy or we take the time to just. be., which includes taking a break from thinking too hard. :) This weekend it's the former reason. David and I started the morning off slowly with coffee and breakfast. And listening to Rockabye Baby Lullabies. Seriously. If you've never heard of Rockabye Baby Lullabies may I suggest you give them a try? A sample...

Oh yes. So much joy comes from this. I listened to Pandora's Rockabye Baby radio station for two and half hours Thursday. Straight. That's what you do when babies sleep you know. Of course, I had to introduce this awesome-ness to David. Sure enough, an hour later David was still listening.

Finally we switched to listening to something more, I don't know, adult-oriented. Broadway tunes! Love me some Broadway. Wicked is the favorite in this household, especially when sung by the original Broadway cast (Indina Menzel!). But this morning we enjoyed a wide variety.

All the while, the dryer rumbled and roared and shook in the background. Just another day in the life of our 1978 laundry system. I made a quick phone call to the local Sears Parts & Repairs shop to see if they had rollers, axles and belts in stock for our Kenmore dryer. Yes, from '78. Nothing to see here. Thankfully they did! Tomorrow we'll pick up parts. Thank goodness.

The dryer is really the bane of my existence since we moved into this house. Laundry has never been my favorite chore--in fact, it's my least favorite (going to have to find a more positive attitude for when more kiddos come around...). The dryer taking THREE cycles to dry a half load while keeping anyone within a football field radius from the house on edge with its rhythmic rumbling is enough reason for me to swear off laundry for the rest of my life. Buying new underwear every week kids.

Since we postponed running errands, we decided to tackle the studio addition. Up until now it has been a storage room. More accurately, the "don't-know-where-to-put-this-crap-so-let's-just-dump-it-here" room. Ideally, we want to turn it back into a studio. Our gym will house half the space (it's quite large, roughly 12' by 20')--treadmill, weights, yoga, Pilates balls, etc.--and my sewing room / music studio will house the other half. Ideally, we want to set up the space so that I can start teaching music again. The studio has a separate entrance from the main house, has two great skylights and vaulted ceilings. It really is a beautiful space.

And it is even more beautiful now that it is slightly better organized. We cleared all of the junk off the floors, put it in tubs and finally put together our storage shelves.

Half-way there. At least the stuff is off the floor and on the shelves!
I can now move my sewing machine, fabric, craft supplies and music all into this room! Hooray! Eventually I'd love to paint the walls something other than white, but that could be a year (or much longer) down the road. Hopefully I'll get curtains on the windows and artwork on the walls by next fall. We shall see.

So that was our busy day. We ended with a late dinner (when David offered his reminder about this little blog-every-day-for-a-week thing): left overs. I think David is waiting for me to finish this little post so we can pull the dryer apart in preparation for tomorrow. Another busy day running errands and putting the dryer back together. But perhaps I'll find a moment to end this blogging marathon with something more profound. Six down, ONE MORE TO GO!!  

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