September 5, 2013


Oh, it's my first one!  My first Pretty-Funny-Happy-Real.  Yes, this is actually kinda hard for me.  I don't always think about taking pictures of my every day happenings...but I managed this week (well, kind of over the last two weeks.  Forgive me, yeah?)  Here we go.

- Pretty -

Last weekend David and I visited his family for a beautiful little celebration: his parents' 40th wedding anniversary!  I just love these casual flowers on our simple but pretty banquet table.  Not only was the table beautiful, but it was a gorgeous day.  Three children, two daughters-in-law and two grandbabies later, my mom- and dad-in law have been shining examples to David and I for what it means to love unconditionally.  Congrats to them and we wish them many more happy years together!  

- Funny -

Oh, the little things in life that make one laugh!  This pic is a couple weeks old, but I LOVE it!  A few weeks back our college friends (the St. Tommy's family) went camping.  The nights were late and mornings early.  After two nights, babies started fallin' like flies.  One of the St. Tommy's cousins totally zonked while mommy was puttering around the campsite.  Poor babe, all of us were laughing our little hearts out at how precious he was (and how tired, sweet guy!).  As soon as Melissa's older son saw this, of course he requested to also be held.  To count how many times I've seen my friends and family juggle their children--I'm sure one day I'll be in a similar situation!    

- Happy -

Hello, old friend!  Gosh, I can't tell you the last time I just played

Yesterday I pulled out some of the solo pieces I first performed in college.  This one, Andante et Scherzo by Louise Ganne, was the first piece I performed in convocation at the School of Music while earning my performance degree. I haven't missed performing publicly in the least bit.  But I have missed working toward a goal.  It kept my chops in shape!

- Real -

Drip drip drop little April showers, beating a tune as you fall all around.
Except it was August.  And I was trying to get ready to leave on our camping trip.
But it's a nice song, isn't it?  Probably the nicest part of Bambi.

Note the waves rushing UP my driveway!  Torrential rains came with torrential wind.

And yeah.  The gutters couldn't handle it.
Then there was TODAY:

I only discovered this because I heard water splashing on a hard surface.  What is that mysterious splashing sound?  Splash. Splash.  Drippity drop.  Splash. Splash...ah hah!  Woah.  Apparently the thunder storm maxed out our gutters' capacity.  Thank goodness the waterfall was not indoors.

That's all for this week my friends.  Check out more P.F.H.R. over at Like Mother, Like Daughter!
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  1. Thanks for joining!That baby is so zonked!Flute... And the rain... great photos!