August 16, 2013

Happy Friday!


Well, I thought I'd try out this 7 Quick Takes thingy today.  Where shall I start?

- 1 -
For the first time all summer, we've had a number of dreary days!  This is more like the summers that I experienced growing up, far more normal than the rain-free 80+ degree days.  For once I'm not fighting to keep the house cool.  Lovely!

- 2 -
I tried a new recipe this week that was a brilliant hit with the hubs: Balsamic Roast Beef French Dips. Oh. My. Heaven.  I have to give all the credit to Robyn at Add A Pinch.

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I first found the recipe on Pinterest (of course!), keeping it for a dreary day in the fall or winter.  But I realized a crock-pot dinner works in the summer, too!  Why had I never considered this?  We were gone allllll day on Sunday and wouldn't be back until dinner time.  It just made sense to have dinner waiting for us.  So.  I grabbed a beef round roast from the freezer, plopped it in the crock pot along with a cup of chicken broth (I haven't made my beef stock yet, so I just grabbed one of my frozen chicken broths), balsamic, Worcestershire sauce (ran out of soy the day before, so just subbed in more Worcestershire), garlic, red pepper flakes and honey.  Bam!  Tender pulled beef with ready made au jus for dipping.  Wow.

Now if only I was better at capturing these moments on my own camera....

- 3 -

I FINALLY saw Le Mis (the film)! David and I love, love, love that show.  Actually, he was the one who really loved it long before I did.  But now it's a mutual love.  We saw the 25th anniversary tour two years ago (gosh, has it really been that long? yeah, guess Fall 2011 was two years I still get chills from my memories of that performance.  Just wow.  Anyway, so finally saw the movie production.  It was... okay.  I was disappointed in Russell Crow's depiction of Javert, but Hugh Jackman was a pretty good Jean Valjean.  I expected to be disappointed with "Bring Him Home", which made it easy for Jackman to surpass my expectations. :)  I really couldn't stand Amanda Seyfried as grown-up Cosette. Very disappointed in her pathetic little voice.... harsh.  I know.  But I recall feeling the same way about the 25th Anniversary Cosette.  So maybe that's just how the directors interpret her character?  *shrug* Oh well. The movie was still entertaining.  I might as well also comment on Anne Hathaway: her acting was raw, and therefore moving.  I thought she did a beautiful job.  No wonder she's been so highly praised and awarded.          

- 4 -
My "Mom-Badges-of-Honor" are fading.  I'm talkin' stretch marks and that (hideous) dark line down the middle of my bell-ay.  And I'm actually sad about this!  I hated them so much just a month ago. They were a painful reminder of what I didn't have... but now that they are almost gone I am surprisingly sad.  Every one of my mom-friends had offered reassurance about the greatness of these badges.  With that I found acceptance, seeing my stretch marks as proof that I'm a mom.  With them gone, what physical reminder do I have of Samuel?

- 5 -
Hmm, what else.  Oh, I've applied for a couple volunteer opportunities.  Hopefully I can pass as a 55+ year old.  :-/  Apparently part of the criteria for being a math & reading tutor for kids at the local elementary school is to be 55 or older.  I also need to be that old in order to help manage the food flow at the local food bank.  One opportunity I have also applied for is to be the country 4-H office assistant (my mom is totally laughing right now.  She "slaved" away in a similar volunteer position for almost 10 years).  I'll keep you posted on the outcome.  What do you guys think, can I pass for 55+?

- 6 -

Did you know that hospitals must toss all equipment, even if it's NEVER been used, once it's been associated with a patient?  How wasteful!  Needless to say we have a good-sized collection of tube feeding equipment sitting around the house.  Never been used.  But guess what?  There is this nonprofit organization called MedShare that will accept any donation of medical equipment, even used!  They will then sterilize, organize and ship it out to locations in need.  Pretty cool, yeah?

- 7 -
One of my sisters-in-law has had a pretty--actually, an incredibly tough year.  I won't share too many of the specifics, but she experienced her own sudden loss, then was diagnosed with cancer, then we lossed Samuel, and her grandmother just passed away earlier this week.  Even though this woman has been dealt quite the crappy hand lately, she's one tough cookie.  She doesn't give up.  She is the true example of perseverance.  If you think of it today, or this weekend, or any time, would you join me in keeping her in your prayers?   

That's it for my first 7 Quick Takes!  For more sweet 7QT's, hop on over to Conversion Diary. Happy Friday everyone!


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