November 6, 2012


Today marks another move for us in the last three and half months.  This time it’s only for two nights, but still.  I find it to be quite a nuisance to organize our temporary luggage—one piece for David, one for me—and stage all the other stuff to be packed in storage.  Ah well, I guess that’s a cross I’ll have to bear while we continue this little adventure. 

This temporary move was a little more challenging than previous ones, not because we had more stuff—in fact, we have less—but because I was not going with David.  He was flying north for a business trip and I was spending some quality time with a friend here in town.  As soon as David returns from the trip we establish ourselves at “headquarters” once again, only to fly out to visit my aunt and uncle in Boston.  So we have a crazy week ahead of us! 

Regardless of the complications, I managed to solve this little challenge.  We essentially have three things to pack: 1) our temporary leave, 2) our leisure trip to Boston, and 3) the rest of our stuff meant to stay packed in storage during the travel.  At first I was overwhelmed by having to decide my outfits ahead of time.  After all, I’m slightly emotional when it comes to what I wear—I mean, this body is not what I’m used to anymore.  *blarg* 

Eventually I managed to find several outfits that made me happy.  I sorted all of David’s and my clothes in four piles which would be loaded into three different suitcases; one each for our temporary travels and a third to easily access when we pack for Boston upon our return to headquarters.  David had already packed his work clothes in his garment bag, so I proceeded to fill our two ginormous duffel bags with shoes, clothes we weren’t planning to wear, and all our “other” things (personal care, batteries, chargers we wouldn’t need, books, DVD’s, etc.).  Those clothes for Boston and the last “other” items (finance folder, knitting, my flute, etc.) were going to have to fit in our last giant suitcase.  Carefully, the puzzle pieces squished together, and voila!  Packed. 

Packed for our temporary travels
(Cold day - time for winter coats!)
Packed for storage
(Box: all things laundry and pantry)

When we get back to headquarters I’ll know exactly where our Boston clothes are and can quickly transition.  Should be a whirlwind of a week!  

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